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Sport is everywhere. People love to compete, and people love to watch other people competing. Professional and nonprofessional, in almost all parts of the world, the impact of sport has seen a tremendous growth in the last decades. Sport is a major economic force in today’s society.

And although one may regard the following issue as a bit mundane, in order for a competition to take place, there needs to be a schedule, deciding at which moment which team or player plays which other team or player. Moreover, not all schedules are created equal; indeed, there are fairness issues, and commercial issues that distinguish schedules from each other. Good schedules lead to competitions that are more fair, and more fun for the participants. In addition, in professional soccer it has been well established that there is an explicit link between the quality of the schedule and both stadium attendance and the value of the broadcasting rights. Thus, good schedules also generate more money.

We deliver tailor-made schedules that maximally satisfy all existing objectives and constraints. We have more than a decade of expertise in constructing schedules for double round-robin tournaments.

Our Competences

Modelling Capability

This refers to the process of making explicit all existing properties that determine the quality of a solution.

Analytic Capability

This refers to the mathematical skills to actually solve the resulting optimization problem to optimality. Here, techniques from mathematical programming, heuristic search, and satisfiability are used.


Our background in various kinds of optimization problems, and our experience of over a decade in optimization in sports in particular ensure that we can deliver as promised.


We design our solution approach based on what is important for your competition. You set the requirements and the priorities, whatever they may be.

Are you interested?

If so, please get in touch, and we’ll discuss how we can help you in constructing a schedule that meets your needs!

– Sport Scheduling Solutions

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